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Winter Trails FAQs

Q. What is Winter Trails (WT)?

A. Winter Trails® is part of a public awareness campaign that promotes the health, fitness and social benefits of snow sports participation. It combines media relations with community outreach to increase participation in snow sports and to address the lack of physical activity in the United States, particularly among youth.

Winter Trails® was developed 15 years ago to promote snowshoeing and, historically, has been organized in conjunction with the American Hiking Society to get people out on snow-covered trials in the winter. The program has been expanded to include Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA) members as a new and different way to attract business under the umbrella of Winter Feels Good ( CCSAA members will again participate this season, and the American Heart Association will be involved in select locations. It’s a great way to introduce people to the world of winter outdoor activities.

Lack of physical activity and resulting health issues are constantly in the news, so the WFG/WT approach is timely. Since the media relations and community outreach efforts for WFG/WT already are planned and underway, all you have to do is sign up to be part of the Winter Trails® program, organize an approach that works best for you and use the information and messages from the kit in your own media effort and/or promotion. The beauty of WT is that it allows event organizers and retailers to create their own effort in conjunction with the overall WFG framework.

Q. Who is the target audience?

A. The target audience for Winter Trails® is children and adults new to snow sports. Winter Feels Good targets “adult influencers of youth” including parents, teachers, scout leaders and recreation professionals. Special efforts are directed toward moms who make or greatly influence the majority of a family’s purchasing and/or travel decisions. Kids may be interested in the fun aspects of snow sports, but research shows that parents are the ones looking after their children’s good health. A major objective of   WFG/WINTER TRAILS is to get parents to think about snow sports as contributing to a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the WFG/WT campaign targets other adult audiences who work regularly with youth, including government officials involved in activity-based programs and the media.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?

A. For Winter Trails contact Reese Brown at