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Maximizing the Media for Winter Sports

Work with your local media to get stories placed in newspapers, magazines, Web sites, etc., that will educate consumers about the value of winter sports and drive them to your shop to see and buy the latest equipment, apparel or accessories. You ARE the local connection with snow sports.

SnowSports Industries America has developed an extensive press kit that presents an excellent case for activation in snow sports as a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The kit has been distributed to national magazines, Web operations, weather people and television stations throughout the country. The kit not only promotes the health, fitness and social benefits of snow sports, it also focuses on the advances in snow products that have made learning and pursuing snow sports so much easier.

Retailers and Nordic centers can tap into this effort by contacting local media and making the case for snow sports as an excellent way to keep fit during the winter. Listed below for your use are a Winter Trails press release template, snow sports fact sheets, and tips on working with your local media.

Press Releases

Fact Sheets