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Dressing for Snow Sports – Protection Layer

  • The exterior layer serves as the guard against the elements of winter. It should repel moisture from snow, sleet or rain; block the wind, and let perspiration escape to the outside to evaporate. Specially engineered fabric is used in snow sports jackets and pants to accomplish this moisture blockage and transport. The common industry term for this fabric is “waterproof/breathable.” It is this fabric that makes snow sports jackets and pants so effective in keeping participants warm, dry and comfortable.
  • Most genuine winter shells, parkas and pants are made waterproof/breathable by using tightly woven fabrics teamed with a coating or laminate. This keeps moisture on the outside but allows perspiration to escape.
  • Look for functional hoods, cuffs, pockets and zippers — details that truly make garments comfortable in a snowstorm.
    Some jackets and pants are shells (no insulation), some include built-in insulation, and others have zip-in insulation layers. Choose your protection layer based on temperatures and snow conditions in your area or where you like to vacation.
  • Although less baggy than in previous years, most snowboard clothing is still designed to fit looser than alpine skiwear, giving snowboarders freedom of movement. In addition, many snowboard pants are reinforced in the seat and knees for extra protection when kneeling or sitting on the snow.