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Case Study: Snowshoeing Introduced to PE Teachers

PEP Grants Can Help To Adapt Program

Physical education teachers on the elementary, middle and high school levels were introduced to snowshoeing as a curriculum program during a past annual in-service training at the George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church, VA. Melissa Johnson, executive director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, delivered the keynote address and spoke about how participation in snow sports can help students earn an award from the President’s Challenge program. The effort was part of the Winter Feels Good public awareness campaign to educate teachers about the health and fitness benefits of snow sports. The in-service was conducted by Kathy Murphy, general manager of Tubbs Snowshoes in Stowe, VT. Murphy conducted four sessions, two on each day, to approximately 50 teachers who were curious about how to integrate snowshoeing in their programs. From this group, six schools in Fairfax County will participate in a pilot program this winter.

The Fairfax curriculum outline used for the presentations was developed through the Physical Education Teacher Education Department of George Mason University, also in Fairfax County. The outline is based on two national programs, Tubbs’ Winter Fit™ out of Stowe, VT and the WinterKids Outdoor Outdoor Recreation Curriculum out of Portland, ME. Click to view this 22-page outline in Adobe PDF format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view this. A curriculum outline for Nordic skiing also is available, developed by the Department of Physical Education of Keene State College in New Hampshire.

Teachers interested in adapting the pilot program are encouraged to use the Winter Feels Good Web site as a resource. Teachers also can apply for a PEP GRANT for equipment and training funding. For information about how to apply, log onto