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What Snow Sports Burn the Most Calories?

Snow sports and exercise go hand-in-hand. You’ll enjoy snow sports more if you’re in shape, but you’ll stay in shape by participating.

Which snow sports burn the most calories? Actual calories burned will depend on your weight (heavier people burn more calories per hour), how fast you’re moving, whether the terrain is flat or hilly, and other factors. Also, the figures below are for an hour of continuous activity (waiting in a lift line doesn’t count). But being active during the winter burns a lot more calories than sitting inside playing video games, that’s for sure. Here’s an idea of how snow sports can help keep you in shape:

Snow Sports Calorie Tracker


Adults, all but snowboarding:
Adults, snowboarding: Snowboarding by Robert Reichenfeld & Anna Breuchert
Children: calculations are estimates based on consultation with American College of Sports Medicine