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Winter Trails Community Outreach

Contact a local group and present Winter Trails as a “free field trip” opportunity for them. In addition to school, government and health organizations, consider reaching out to other groups such as YMCA/YWCA’s, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, local Recreation and Parks Departments, fitness clubs, and boys/girls clubs. Remember, many groups are always looking for cost-effective opportunities for their members.


School Community Outreach Winter TrailsSchools across the United States are becoming more involved in snow sports activities for their students, especially cross country skiing and snowshoeing. SIA is helping promote this increased activity through its Winter Feels Good initiative (, and also e-mails to more than 3,000 physical education teachers, encouraging them to take their students to a nearby Winter Trails event.

►Tips to Get Started

Contact your local school (either the principal, physical education department supervisor or an individual physical education teacher) and promote Winter Trails as a “free field trip” opportunity for the school.

Government Agencies

President's Council
SIA works with the President’s Council to encourage children and adults to “Take the President’s Challenge” by combining snow sports with other activities as a way of getting regular exercise. Snow sports participation counts toward earning a President’s Challenge Lifetime Achievement Awards a program used by many schools and recreational groups nationwide. It’s not just for kids, either. Adults can participate as well.

►Tips to Get Started

Log onto to learn how the President’s Challenge works and how your store could promote the program to encourage a little friendly competition among your current and potential customers.

Health Organizations

American Heart Association

American Heart AssociationHeart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. and is just one of the diseases that stems from lack of activity and being overweight. SIA has collaborated in the past with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign by sharing Web related information and links and by making Go Red collateral and give-aways available to Winter Trails venues interested in cause-related marketing.

You might want to consider a “cause-related tie-in” with your local chapter of the American Diabetes Association and/or American Cancer Society. These groups always are looking for potential fund-raising opportunities.

►Tips to Get Started

Investigate how an organization such as the American Heart Association might be able to collaborate with you in a cause marketing program. AHA has affiliate offices all over the U.S.